Tert Butyl Chloride


Tert Butyl Chloride Properties :

−26 °C,  
0.84 g cm−3  
51 °C,  
99% BY G.c  
  ACETIC ACID 0.3%  

Tert-Butyl Chloride is a colorless organic liquid compound at room temperature. It is hardly soluble in water and has the tendency to become self liberated through solvolysis when dissolved in it. The compound is easily ignitable and has explosive characteristics. Its main use as a starting molecule is to carry out nucleophilic substitution reactions to produce different kinds of substances starting from alcohol to alkoxide salts.

Tert- Butyl Chloride undergoes a solvolysis reaction when it is dissolved in a polar and protic solvent. The chloride groups go out creating a heterolyic rupture of the compound. This gives rise to a carbocation which eventually becomes a tertiary alcohol after a water alcohol reacts with it releasing hydrochloric acid as the final product. If a slightly different and a stronger nucleophilic agent is present at the time of reaction then the product might not be an alcohol but a tertiary carbon with nucleophile as the substituent product. Due to the steric hindrance of the tert-butyl group the solvolysis reaction is followed by SN 1 mechanism and not SN2 mechanism.

Since T-Butyl Chloride is an alkylating agent for SN1 reactions, it can be used a protecting group for alcohols and can be de-protected using the acidic conditions.  It is introduced into the aromatic compounds and acts as intermediate for the preparation of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and other kinds of chemicals. It is prepared in labs by hydrochlorination of isobutylene.

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