Allyl Bromide


Allyl Bromide (3-Bromo Propene) Properties :

1.41 (W/W)  
0.02 % (BY K/F)  
71 C  
99 % BY G.C  
                                          ACETIC ACID 0.3%  

Allyl Bromide is also known as 3-bromopropene and it is an organic halide. Since the chemical is an alkylating agent, it is used in the deduction of polymers, allyls, pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds. Physically allyl bromide is a colorless liquid with blistering, intense and tenacious smell.

The compound allylzinc bromide can be acquired by treating with zinc. Unlike most organometallic reagents that are combustible in air and put off by water, allyl bromide is stable in aqueous solution and can attack aldehydes in a Barbier-type reaction leading to carbon-carbon bond formation.

Dhruv Chem is one of the eminent manufacturers and exporters of allyl bromide. It is an alkaline agent that finds its application in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, polymers and organic compounds. The chemical has a refractive index of 1.4697 (20 degree C, 589nm). The company manufactures chemicals at its in-house laboratories which are fitted with some of the latest equipments.

The company also has a team of professionals that manufacture chemicals at par with international standards with the help of premium quality raw material. To maintain the standard quality the raw materials are imported from authorized vendors. Some of the key features of the chemical are accuracy, quality and purity. Dhruv chemical offers its products at reasonable prices due to which it is preferred in the industry.


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