Sodium Bromide


Sodium Bromide Properties :

755 °C  
0.05 % BY K/F  
99.% BY K/F  
  ACETIC ACID 0.3%  

Sodium Bromide is represented by the formula NaBr and is an inorganic compound. This compound is also known as sedoneural and is a salt. It has a high melting melt and crystalline in nature resembles sodium chloride.  It is widely used as an anticonvulsant and used as sedative in the late 19th and 20th century.  Since it is a source for bromide and has several applications in Agriculture, Food & Beverages, Personal Care and others. Its action is due to the presence of bromide ion and is equally effective as potassium bromide.

The Structure of the Compound

The compound crystallizes in the same way as the cubic motif of NaCl, NaF and Nal. This anhydrous salt crystallizes above 50.7 degree C. The dihydrate salts of NaBr converts into anhydrous at 50.7 degree C in the water solution. This is produced by treating sodium hydroxide with hydrogen bromide. Sodium bromide can also be the source for the chemical element bromide and this can be accomplished by treating the aqueous solution of NaBr with chlorine gas.

Its Applications

Sodium bromide is the most useful inorganic bromide in the industry. It is also used in the preparation of other bromide compounds and a source for bromide nucleophile to change alkyl chlorides to reactive alkyl bromides with the help of Finkelstein reaction. This compound was once widely used in the photography industry. Today it is used as a disinfectant for swimming pools by mixing in chloride. In petroleum industry sodium bromide is used as a dense fluid in oil wells.

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